Impossible Books

Origami Book

This book comes as any ordinary book, a collection of paper leafs bound in a cover. The text however is jumble of letter fragments. In order to read, the pages have to be cut out and folded in a three dimensional object on the surface of which the fragements will fit into a legible text. A quasi metaphorical difficulty can be introduced if the lines along which the pages have to be creased are not printed.

Origami Book 2004.06.25  ·  Cristina Pallini Collection, Italy

Tentacular Book

This is a book that cannot be folded and has to stay open.

Tentacular Book - Photo

Tentacular Book - Schema 2004.06.25  ·  Cristina Pallini Collection, Italy

Fixation Mark

Fixation marks are used by scientists studying human vison to attract the gaze of experiment subjects to a specific point in an image. Usually these marks are a simple "plus" sign. Here we make the experiment a bit more challenging.

Fixation Mark #1 Fixation Mark #2

2005.04.20  ·  Vinnie (left) & Verena Cimarolli (right) Collections, USA