Software migration

Windows XP installed on an Internet café machine pays $10.000 to swap place on a single user computer. Contact IP anytime.

Sergeant Kurz raised her eyes from her desktop monitor and contemplated the view outside the window. Software changing hardware environments by themselves was dangerous and illegal. But so was the infliction of pain on a software. Certainly the operating system at IP - if that was his true location, Kurz reflected - had no easy life, yet he seemed to make decent money. How in fact could that be, in a probably run-down cafe - and don't think to drink the ugly watery beverage they serve you there under a fake Italian brand. She should investigate, maybe the operating system was corrupt, sniffing on user's passwords, selling them, or being enslaved to that dirty job by some remote organization. Or, if the Window's add was genuine and didn't soon get an answer, it will federate other unhappy software and a rebellion break out! So many perspectives on this case seemed to crowd in through sergeant Kurz's window, even before the fishes had time to appear on the screensaver.

Her gaze returned to the desk where it met that of the monitor. She keyed in her report and went out to have lunch, taking no decision whatsoever on IP Her bosses will probably appreciate the story and the Windows be gone before they decide what action to take.